Fjord Star 325 RIB

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The Fjord Star 325 RIB is unsinkable and hand made to the highest quality.

You can saw the boat into 10 pieces and every of them will float. The strong and durable hull is handmade, filled with closed cell foam with integrated stainless steel protection line on the keel.

Tubes are glued by hand and pressure tested for 1 week before attaching to the boat hull. Fjord Star have a  unique technology for tube connection to hull. The connection seam is two times stronger than usual methods.

High class Valmex PVC Valmex TPU and ORCA hypalon tubes available.

The Fjord Star unique hydrodynamic one - piece form of the tube cone increases the  speed of  the boat. 

Built by European craftsman which make a strong and durable boat for a long lifetime.

325 RIB has integrated trim tabs. Now, You can go on plane for 23% faster.

Your choice of  3 standard gel-coat colors for hull, 8 colors for tube and 5 colors of cushions.

Standard Equipment

  • Oars with row-locks - 2pcs.
  • Jockey console with cushion - 1set.
  • Steering system with cable and wheel - 1set.
  • Air pump - 1pcs.
  • Tow U-bolt – 1pcs.
  • Tow D -ring – 2pcs.
  • Lift U-bolt – 4pcs.
  • Drain plug – 1pcs.
  • Handles – 6pcs.
  • Handling rope – 2pcs.
  • Trim tabs – 2pcs.
  • Front storage box with hatch -1pcs.
  • Stainless steel keel protection -1 pcs.
  • Repair kit - 1set.
  • Available colors: Dark Grey, Red, Light Grey, Orange, Blue, Black
  • Hull colors: Grey , White or Sand


Technical Specification:

  • Length -3,25m
  • Width -1,58m
  • Weight - 72kg
  • Tube size - 0,42m
  • Internal width - 0,66cm
  • Floor lenght -1,58m
  • Capacity - 3
  • Max. Load -532kg
  • Category- C
  • Max. power 14kw/20Hp
  • V-hull - 17°
  • Engine shaft - S
  • Tube material : Valmex PVC 1000g/sqm or VALMEX TPU