Marpac Composite Battery Mounting Tray

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Marpac Composite battery mounting tray
Keeps Marine batteries securely mounted, A great option in replacement of regular battery boxes.
Easy terminal access.
Composite construction 
  • Can be fitted in small spaces - batteries can be slid in from the side
  • Easy adjust knobs can be hand tightened and have knurled mating faces to stay tight
  • Thick base holds heaviest batteries
  • Recessed fastener apertures with stainless screws
  • Available for Series 24 and 27 batteries (see "ID" measurements below to ensure you match the tray to the right sized battery)
  • Composite clamp rods are strong and resist corrosion
  • Best suits flat top batteries with protruding terminals

24 series battery dimensions-  L- 11.13" W- 6.60" H- 9.25" 

27 series battery dimensions - L- 12.00" W- 6.63" H- 9.06"