Engine Servicing by Wet Bristol Marine

Engine Servicing by Wet Bristol Marine

If you need your engine serviced then try Wet Bristol Marine!

We all know the importance of having our outboard engine serviced and now is a great time to get this booked in. We have seen more and more boats coming out of the water in recent weeks and can not stress enough the importance of having your engine serviced and even winterised if it not going to be used again until next year. 

I am sure that many outboards go into the back of the garage or your storage facility and get forgotten about. That is, until you come to use it again. By the time it is on the slip and you have your day on the water ahead of you all you want to do is get going. Sometimes this is when it becomes apparent that you haven't actually given it much thought!

  • Did I even since off the salt water the last time I used it?
  • Have I left the fuel in the tank since last year?
  • Was it supposed to be serviced to maintain my warranty?

Dont panic - you're not alone.......

That is where we come in! 

We service outboard engines at our workshop in Bristol and we can offer a mobile service if required. We also have workshop facilities for outboard servicing in Salcombe and the South Hams, Devon. 

We operate a booking system so there is no dropping off of your engine and leaving it until next season. We book you in and order the necessary parts in good time. You arrive drop off the engine, have a chat with us about the engine, hours, condition. We take a quick look while you are there as well - this helps us to trouble shoot any potential issues and discuss them with you. And then we make a date for you to pick the engine up! We'll let you know if the engine is ready before this and you can come and collect it. 

Outboard servicing has never been so easy! 

Oh, and if you service your own engines then we can supply outboard servicing kits. You can order these online or do give us a call and we can take your requirements over the phone. 

Take the stress out of outboard engine servicing and let us do it. Over 17 years experience we offer honest and helpful advice and solutions. 

To make a booking do give us a call on 07580777467 or drop us an email wetbristol@gmail.com

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